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Angster Organ from Kormend Catholic Church


Kormend is a town in Vas county, Western Hungary.
The population is 11,610.

The town is especially well known for its castle which used to belong to the Batthyany family, one of the most important aristocrat families of Hungary. Blessed Ladislaus Batthyany-Strattmann (1870-1931), a famous ophthalmologist who was beatified by the Catholic Church.

St. Elizabeth parish church was built in the XV. century in late-Gothic style. The church was rebuilt in 1730 in Baroque style.

The tubular-pneumatic organ built by Joseph Angster in 1911.
The organ was rebuilt several times. It has expanded reed stops by Friedrich Paulus in 1996. Laszlo Fabo created new console and electronics in 2011.