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Jehmlich organ from Kecskemet


Kecskemet is a city in the central part of Hungary. It is the 8th largest city in the country (111,500 inhabitans),  and the county seat of Bacs-Kiskun.

The Zoltan Kodaly Professional Music School was founded in 1982. This is one of Hungary's best professional music schools.

During the communist era there was an organist who was party secretary, named Gabor Lehotka.  He wanted to realize that not only is the organ in church, but also in concert halls. Therefore, he asked the leaders of the communist party to build organs in concert halls. The Communist Party leaders agreed with his ideas, thus several organs were built in Hungary between 1975 and 1985 by the Jehmlich Organ Factory (Dresden, DDR) in Vac, Kecskemet, Szombathely and Szekszard. They are very good organs.  These are the first modern baroque organs in Hungary.  Gabor Lehotka produced several recordings, primarily the Vac and Kecskemet Organ.

The Jehlmich organ of Kecskemet was built in 1983 in the concert hall of Kodaly Professional Music School. This is the largest Organ (40/III+P) in this series. The organ is still in good condition and suitable for both concerts and teaching.