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Dutch harmonium of Kezdimartonfalva


Kézdimártonfalva is a tiny village in the eastern corner of Transylvania (Erdély), 644 inhabitants, of which 642 are Hungarian.

The Reformed Church built in the 15th century, the Baroque period was rebuilt and extended in 1824. Presumably, this period comes from a positive organ, whose builder is unknown. The organ was totally destroyed and not used for more than 50 years. The parish is very poor, so they can not repair the organ or another organ to buy.

A Dutch parish gave them a small harmonium. The harmonium unknown brand. It says "Boot Bodegraven"
The cantor this instrument is accompanied by singing of the faithful on Sundays. He is an enthusiastic young man who built a small Hauptwerk organ and want to practice this at home. He asked me to prepare a sample set of the harmonium. I explained to him how to make a recording and then I have prepared the sample set.

This harmonium was a gift so you can download the sampleset also free.

Take a closer look to the church!
(Click the 'Treasures of Seclerland', then click the 'Churches', then click the '2 side', then click the 'Calvinist Church Martineni')