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Luber organ of Csaszar


Császár is a village in Komárom-Esztergom county, Hungary 2,000 inhabitants. 

The Catholic church was built between 1771-1775 by Jakab Fellner.  The church is a scheduled  monument. In 2009, thieves stole five very valuable Dorfmeister altarpieces. The altarpieces in 2014 found the police.

The two-manual Baroque organ built by Franz Xaver Luber, 1793.
Franz Luber was a German organ builder, who lived in Buda. Little is known about it, just know it has 3 built organ.

The frontal organ pipes requisitioned during the world War I. The pipes of confiscated in 1925 were substituted lower quality zinc-pipes. The salicional 8' has been built with them.
The organ has not been a major repairs and it works original situation but degraded condition.